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Lune 2015 - 2016

The new season is coming with a new cast of dancers, revivals and a new dance production in a collaboration with the Slovenian Gasper Piano who will create an original composition, and all-round creative mind Gorges Ocloo. We also welcome the talented young dancer Anna Karenina Lambrechts.

On Friday, August 7th, 2015 Lune re-takes "Natural Strange Days" choreographed by the Spanish Roberto Olivan. This energetic show with 4 dancers was not only presented in Flanders, but was danced in venues in Barcelona and Deltebre, Spain. We are very pleased that it comes back to Leuven. There are performances at 20h and 21h30 in museum M for the event of ZoMerbar. For all those who did not see or want to see it again ...
Info and tickets: http://bar-bizon.be/event/roberto-olivian-lune-natural-strange-days/

On Thursday, October 8th, 2015, the cast of "IN2BORDERS ' will come to CC Den Amer in Diest along the side of DJ BUSCEMI. The performances in St Agatha-Berchem and Leuven in March-April could already appeal to many audiences. You now get the chance to see it yet (again)!
Info and tickets: http://www.ccdiest.be/e510/in2borders

In spring 2016, the new production of Lune premieres. More news coming soon!

Lune 2014 - 2015

After some vacation we are preparing for a new promising dancing season.

After 10 years in Lune we say goodbye to dancer Oliver Regidor. He will still join projects of Compagnie CoCon like Dansproject 14 en Rent. Dancer Anaïs Van Eycken also takes one year time-out. We welcome our new dancers Leen Declercq, Tamara Arruti en Tiziana Mombelli and are looking forward to their new creative impulses. The première of the new production will be in March 2015. After the success of ‘LMNt’ in 2012 we will work a second time with DJ BUSCEMI. More information will follow.

As a small professional dance company, it is difficult to survive in a world where only the big ones get subsidees and support. Lune is invited with their latest production 'CHOICES CHANCES CHANGES' on a festival 'Yucatan Escenica' in Mexico from November 10-15, 2014. Jennifer Regidor will also give a workshop week in Conservatorio de danza, Yucatan. Lune wants to try to raise money to cover the travel expenses. Therefore they organize 'Lune's BENEFEAST "on September 27, 2014 in Zaal De Kring in Kessel-Lo. SUBSCRIBE NOW!


10h-11h15 Zumba (Natalie Jans)
11h30-12h45 Hip-hop (Tamara Arruti, SYTYCD finalist 2013)
13h30-14h45 Modern (Anneke Ghysens, SYTYCD finalist 2013)
15h-16h15 Lune repertoire (Jennifer Regidor and dancers Lune)
16h30-17h45 Contemporary (Milan Herich, Les Slovaks) prices: € 15/1 lesson


  • Online
    • € 40/3 lessons
    • € 50/4 lessons (+ free ticket to performance)
    • € 60/5 lessons (+ free ticket to performance)
  • On the spot
    • € 45/3 lessons
    • € 55/4 lessons (+ free ticket to performance)
    • € 65/5 lessons (+ free ticket to performance)

10h - 18h MASSAGES

Price: € 15/20 minutes

10h - 19h FOOD

  • 10h - 12h Brunch
  • 12h - 19h Spaghetti


with Leo Wilson (live music), Nina Plantefeve (SYTYCD winner 2011) in choreographies by Laurent Flament, Anneke Ghysens (SYTYCD finalist in 2013), Milan Herich (Les Slovaks), Lune with excerpts from 'CHOICES CHANCES CHANGES'
Price: € 5 / ticket


  • 22h BUSCEMI
  • 23h - ... Jack Scan, Stan Lee Cheez, ThéJey

Price: Free entrance (free gift is always welcome)

You cannot be present that day and you still want to contribute something to Lune? All deposits are welcome to the following account of Lune association: IBAN: BE63 7340 2244 5708 BIC: KREDBEBB

benefeast front full

Choices Chances Changes première

The premiere of the new Lune production approaches. This time the choreography is again in the hands of resident choreographer Jennifer Regidor. 'Choices Chances Changes' is in many ways a way of  'choices' that bring new 'chances' and that provide sometimes surprising 'changes'. Check out the teaser and come to the premiere!(Click here if the link to the teaser does not work.)

The first choice was to work with other fellow choreographers to be able to work with varied dance material for this production.

The music is written and produced by THE MVZE. Leo Wilson provides live accompaniment on stage.

In the process, many different choices have gradually formed the basis for this music and dance production. Life is a sum of different choices? Are you happy with what you have or do you need a new chapter? Are you up to the challenge? Maybe you get a choice as an audience?

Concept and choreography : Jennifer Regidor
Music : THE MVZE
Creation and dance : Anaïs Van Eycken , Cliff Pots , Gerrit Deschuyteneer , Jennifer Regidor , Oliver Regidor
Music and singing : Leo Wilson
Lighting, decor and sound : Bregt Janssens , Roeland Pancken
Thanks to Eleonore Valere, Ghislain Tsilomba , Laurent Flament , Michou Swennen , Min Hee Bervoets and Michel Froget for their contribution to the movement material.

Choices Chances Changes Flyer

Resume of Natural Strange Days

The show 'Natural Strange Days' of the Spanish choreographer Roberto Olivan resumes. This Lune production was received in April this year with a lot of praise. " "Natural Strange Days" is an absolutely magnificent performance that I could see a second time." ( April 2013, Leven in Leuven)
The Finnish dancer Linda Kuha is replaced by Magali Casters, who recently got the chance to work together with world famous choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (European Cultural Ambassador in 2013).

Watch the trailer here and get your tickets now!


Meanwhile, rehearsals already started for the new Lune production 'Choices Chances Changes' which will premiere in the spring of 2014. This is again a show with live music and singing. And we also cooperated with various guest choreographers. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our site !

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